About Us

Nestled on the slopes of the Judean Hills, near the Biblical Elah Valley, lies Agur Winery. From the Mata, Ein Kerem and Givat Yeshayahu vineyards, Agur Winery produces a unique range of wines. Each expresses a sense of place in different ways – a concept that intrigues and challenges.

The winery was established in 1999 by Shuki Yashuv, a craftsman, man of words, winemaker, and one of the pioneers of the Judean Hills region. Since 2020, the winery has been undergoing a process of renewal with the addition of two partners: Elad Katz, a resident of Elah Valley, and ex-CEO of Domaine du Castel, and Eyal Drory, who studied wines in Piedmont and has broad experience with wineries in Italy, Crete and Israel.

The connection between the three was not only the result of many years of friendship and of being close neighbors, but also out of a shared love for the Craft, the Word and the Place. Restless creativity, the family of friendship and the ongoing pursuit of excellence, guide the Agur Winery’s team on a journey, that ends in the bottle that arrives on the wine lover’s table.