The visitors center & Winery garden

What do we offer?
Firstly and most importantly – WINE!

Our wine can be enjoyed by the beautiful view of the Elah Vally or at home. Another way is in a glass, a bottle or a guided wine tasting in our winery’s garden.

To accompany the wine, we offer deli baskets with seasonal refreshments from local farmers and food makers. Once you’ve chosen your wine all you need to do is take a spot at one of the tables, on the grass, in the pergola or tasting room and ENJOY your stay! Deli refreshments can also be added to the guided wine tasting.

It is recommended to make reservations in advance, please notice that on Saturdays the arrival is based on availability (reservations can NOT be made).  

What can be found in our deli basket?

Farm chesses / vegan cheese, bread spreads / jam, bread, organic vegetables, olive oil, honey, olives.

Agur Blanc – 92 NIS
Agur Rosè – 94 NIS
Kessem – 90 NIS
Layam Blanc – 135 NIS
Layam – 125 NIS
Special Reserve – 159 NIS
Elah Aperitivo – 120 NIS

Wine tasting & deli refreshments – 130 NIS
Wine tasting only (without deli refreshments) – 70 NIS
Deli basket – 160 NIS
Vegan deli basket – 200 NIS

More Details | 02-9995423

It is recommended to book in advance, particularly at weekends.